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Newsletters are one way teachers can keep parents up-to-date with the activities in their classrooms. There are many websites that offer free templates. Those websites are listed below.

Newsletter Development Tips

Consider including the following information in your parent newsletter.
  • Announcements of upcoming events in class and school-wide.
  • Blurbs about what students are studying in class (one or two subjects per week).
  • Tips about specific ways parents can support their child at home.
  • Occasional reminders about book club orders.
  • Reminders about signing up for volunteering or parent conferences.
  • Field trip information.
  • Blank space for parents to write note back to the teacher or ask a question about recent assignments.

More Resources:

Scholastic Free Class Homepage is offered through Scholastic.

Suite This website offers helpful information about communicating with parents through newsletters and other forms of communication.

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