INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY INTO THE CLASSROOMDaryl Baker.Lindsay Esterline.Petre Gay.Sarah Gall.Jen Hicks.Shelly Wade.Asa Valente

Digital cameras can be used in numerous ways in the classroom.

Digital_Camera.jpg jcheek3/digitalcameras.htm
This website gives examples and ideas for a digital quilt. There are hints for taking the perfect picture and precautions for teachers using cameras in the classroom. ucfcasio/qvuses.htm
This website opens a world of ideas for using the digital camera in the classroom. Sponsored by Casio, this website gives 1001 ways to use and benefit from classroom digital photography. digicam.html
Why use the digital camera in the classroom? This website points out the benefits of visual instruction and the use of technology in lessons. Teachers pay attention to this site, there are many lesson ideas that will amaze your students! APR02/camera.html
Creative uses of the digital camera in the classroom makes teacher wonder how they ever lived without it. This site contains creative digital camera uses for the classroom, chat rooms for teacher on digital photography, and project ideas. Athens/olympus/7123/camera. html
Interested in buying or upgrading your digital camera? This site gives teachers the scoop on the good, the bad, and the ugly on purchasing a camera for the classroom. There are reviews of the leading digital cameras on this site as well as awards given for the best camera for lesson design.
Google images website gives students endless ideas of photo opportunities. Students can learn to look and post interesting photos.
panasonic digital cameras


Integrating Technology's Introduction Video

Video_Camera.jpg projects/explorers.html
This website has various samples of student created video. education/ilife/
This website has various samples of teacher and student created video. html
This website has examples and explains teacher and student video processes and internet resources.
http://techintegration.cciu. org/Digital%20Video/index. html#production
This website includes video related tutorials, resources and samples.

These websites have videos related to searchable educational subject matter. Along with the educational video there are interactive games/activities, worksheets, and projects that students and teachers can utilize.
This website has numerous educational videos and various subject matter.
This site has ideas for activities, as well as, printouts, printable books, and music.
This site has books that students can read online. There are also interactive activities and games--including phonics and phoneme sound recordings--to help students with their reading.
This site has online games, activities, facts, about animals, habitats, countries etc.
[[ bookflix/login.php]]
This is the book flix website. It matches a fiction and non fiction book together. It also compares the two books and has puzzles and challenge quizzes that work on sequencing, fact vs, fiction etc.

Computer Programs For Teachers

Microsoft Office has several programs which are beneficial to both teachers and students. PowerPoint can be used in several different ways ranging from classroom quizzes to school projects. Excel can be used to keep track of grades or to teach students the intermediate stages of charting numbers. Publisher is a teachers dream come true with several bulletin board templates your classroom can be filled with your original work--saving lots of hard earned money. Students can also benefit from Publisher by making classroom brochures after going on an exciting and informative field trip. Microsoft word as other programs has several helpful uses. Students can work on their writing skills by playing "story swap" or typing their classroom reports in a creative professional way. While teachers can use Microsoft Word for just about anything.
The internet can also be very helpful if you are stumped to find an exciting and innovative lesson idea for your curriculum.
Worksheets are a great way to supplement your teaching for your students.