Focus Topic Group Assignment EMAT621 Summer 2009group_cheer.jpg
Timeline of Assignments
May 26 – Explanation and group assignments
June 2 – Class time will be given to work on presentation
June 9 – Group #1 – Focus Topic: Integrating Technology
June 9 – Group #2 – Focus Topic: Literacy Integration
June 9 – Group #3 – Focus Topic: Parent/Community Involvement
June 16 – Group #4 – Focus Topic: Differentiated Instruction
June 30 – Group #5 – Focus Topic: Managing the Learning Environment

Presentation Criteria:
Your group will have 60-75 minutes for your presentation.
Your group is responsible for gathering strategies and resources on your topic to share with the class. The goal is to help your classmates get instructional techniques so they can completing your unit topic component. There must be interactive learning about the topic. Do not just lecture or show slides about the topic. Include some way to involve the class!
Your group will be giving the class an overview of the topic including these components:

  • Hook/Activator
  • What is it?
  • What are examples of a variety of ways that this topic can be incorporated into a learning unit for several different content areas?
  • You must include some hands-on or interactive activities that would model strategies related to your topic.
  • What are resources or web sites where information/strategies can be found on the topic? (Give class a single page handout of strategy ideas/resources to support their unit development.)
  • Summarizer - Have students in class demonstrate what they learned from presentation.
  • Leave a few minutes at the end for questions/feedback from summarizer

Group Assessment:
  • Everyone in the group participated in the creation and delivery of presentation.
  • All components of the presentation criteria listed above were effectively presented.
  • A single page handout was given with strategies and resources to use in units (make copies for everyone in class)
  • Group stayed within the time limit (not too short or too long)
  • Group used effective presentation strategies to engage the audience.